Workers' Compensation

Being injured while at work can devastating on you and your family.  In New Hampshire, workers' compensation cases are handled through the New Hampshire Department of Labor.  Typically, injured workers are entitled to have the medical bills paid, compensation for missed time from work due to the injury, a right to reinstatement once able to return to work, a right to modified work duties, and even a lump sum award for permanent injuries.

In a perfect world, the workers' compensation insurance companies would pay all of the benefits without delay.  Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect world.  Insurance companies often deny legitimate claims, refuse to pay for medical treatment that is reasonable and necessary, and often deny that the individual was injured at work entirely.

Not all injuries are sudden and traumatic, but often develop over a long period of time.  Injuries like repetitive use don’t result in a need for treatment until after many years.  Just because an injury is not sudden, doesn't mean that it is not a work-related injury.

Workers' Compensation is a complex area of law, and if you have been hurt at work, you will need an experienced attorney on your side.