A Small Firm with Big Results

At Davis | Hunt Law, we've abandoned the ivory tower fancy law office and embraced simplicity and technology to avoid the big firm overhead.  

For most people, it doesn't matter if your lawyer works in a large or a small law firm.  If you want AAA office space and big boardrooms, we know a lot of attorneys that would be happy to charge you for the privilege.

We prefer to keep our overhead low so that we can focus on your interests, not billable hours.

This philosophy allows us to provide high quality service at a reasonable price.  We would rather work with you to achieve your legal goals than chase billable hours to pay for partner golf games, office perks and expensive boardroom tables.

The Advantages

  • Simple and flexible pricing options and payments that work for you.

  • Direct contact with your attorney to improve communication.                  

  • Limited scope retainers available.

  • Real People.

  • Reduced Fee Legal Services (certain qualifications apply).

Relationships Matter

Professional legal services are based on trust and communication.  Here at Davis | Hunt we believe it is more that just a legal case.  We want to provide legal services and create a relationship with you so that you always have a lawyer to contact whenever the need arises.

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