Family Law


Divorce/Legal Separation


Whether you are thinking about divorce or you have already decided to get a divorce, we can help you through this emotional time.  No matter how you feel about your spouse, what you do in the early stages of a divorce can have lasting effects.  Divorce determines what happens to your income and everything you own.  It can even determine how much of your income, your real estate, your retirement and your investments you keep, and who will have to pay certain debts.  If you have children, divorce will determine when and how much you see them.  Alimony, child support, property division and parenting time are not something you want to leave to chance.


Our experienced attorneys will tell you your rights and advise you how to best use the law to protect those rights.  Understanding your rights and the law early will allow you to make informed decisions at the beginning, before those decisions become permanent.


Child Custody/Parenting


Parents who separate or get divorced often disagree on time with their children.  The courts will look at what is in the children’s best interests, but the law is very specific about what that means.  As a parent, you need to prepare early to be best able to protection your children and your parenting schedule for the future.  An attorney experienced with parenting cases is crucial in this preparation and in court.


Child Support


In most cases involving children, whether in a divorce or just for parenting time, one parent is going to pay child support.  The amount will be determined by the law, but sometimes you can ask that the amount be more or less than the standard amount.  Parents should be prepared and learn as much as possible about how child support is going to work in their case before the court makes orders on support payments


Domestic Violence


Violence between family members or intimate partners often ends up involving the police and the family courts.  The domestic violence laws in New Hampshire are complicated, and you should be was informed as possible, whether you are a victim or have been accused of abuse. Our experienced attorneys can assist you through the process.





There are many situations in which a child or an adult might need a guardian to take care of their basic needs.  Our attorneys are experienced in guardianship litigation for both children and adults.