We are proudly representing individuals in the following types of cases:


Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accidents.  

If you have been hurt as a result of another persons negligence, we are here to fight for you.  Let us get you the compensation you deserve.



Criminal Law

Criminal Law and DWI Defense.

At Davis | Hunt Law we have years of experience representing those accused of committing crimes at both the violation, misdemeanor and felony levels and when it comes to DWI defense, we have the tenacity and experience to represent you effectively.



Individual Bankruptcy.

Running out of money?  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Navigating bankruptcy and helping individuals obtain a fresh start is what we love to do.  Call us to learn how to restart your financial life and shake loose all your bad debt in bankruptcy.


family law

Divorce and Family Matters.

Nothing can be more difficult then facing  divorce or parenting problems alone.  That's why you need effective counsel at your side.  At Davis | Hunt Law we understand that listening to our clients goals and fighting for what is right is an important part obtaining justice for our clients.  Call now to discuss your case with one of our attorneys at no cost to you.


Probate Litigation.

Loosing a loved one is hard enough.  At Davis | Hunt Law we can take care of process of probating and estate of a deceased loved one.  If you have questions and don't know where to turn, we can help.



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